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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Flash Fiction--Flower Horn

Flower Horn
by Melchor F. Cichon
July 30, 2017

For three months, Itsong had been feeding regularly the flower horn in his master's house. He also changed its water every month to keep it clean and when brown out occurred, he stirred the water in the aquarium to replace the losing dissolved oxygen. Otherwise, the fish would not be able to breath.

 One Sunday morning, Itsong and his friends went to Jawili Falls to take a bath in its crystal clear flowing water. In the afternoon, Itsong and his friends went back home to Lezo. Immediately upon arrival, he visited his beloved flower horn. But the flower horn was missing. He went to his master and informed about the missing fish. His master told him that he took it out and sold it to his friend. Frustrated, Itsong told his master why he took it without his knowledge. But his master said, "That fish is mine and I only asked you to take care of it. But I supposed you learned something from it."

Itsong just scratched his head and walked away.