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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Karen Dazo Galarneau's Poems


Yesterday, I asked my beloved “Honey, do you love me?”
He replied “Yes I do, Honey, very much”
Then I asked him “Honey, do you look forward to our next kiss?”
“To the next warm embrace?”

I was hoping for a resounding Yes! …but his silence shocked me.
Before I could ask again he said
“Do I look forward to your kiss, your sweet embrace?
This I promise from my heart”

“Do I look forward to your kiss, your sweet embrace?
Only as much as I look forward to

- Karen Dazo Galarneau May 3, 2010

Love Be Kind
by Karen C Dazo

Oh Love, my heart is weary
Of dreams abandoned and forlorn
Of promises made and broken
The wounds have barely healed
And here you are fluttering around again
Though I know the happiness you bring
Or the inexplicable sweetness
Of your touch
Tempt me not this time I implore thee
Oh Love be kind and leave me be
Run away, slip away
To the nearest sea if you must
Take your delicious kisses,your warm embraces
Take your sleepless nights of ecstasy
Take them, i say, take them away
Oh Love be kind and spare me
The great sorrow of your adieu
Oh Love be kind and see
That with one more heartbreak
Sweeter will be Death than thee.

Copyright © 2009

A Song In The Night
by Karen C. Dazo

The shrill ringing was irresistible
in the dead silence.
It was that invention of Alexander Graham Bell.
Reluctantly I rose and groped for the culprit.
The sound of your voice brought my slumber into consciousness.
Uncertain and hopeful. As if ashamed that you called so late.
I wanted so much to touch you, hold you and make you feel loved.
I listened as you whispered words of all and nothing.
There was so much I wanted to know.
You asked me about my plans.
I told you I would go
Skiing up and down
The pristine slopes of Aspen.
If I could.
That's when you told me about John Denver.
How he had a song about mountains and country roads.
You sang to me a song in the night.
And that's when I knew that I was in love.