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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hay Ano Eon Kita?


Edmund Saldivia

Kung ro doctor, sa narsing gapanaba
Agod sa Amerika ro tugpa,
Hay ano eon kita?

Kung ro maestra ginapasueabi
Ro puti nga estudyante,
Hay ano eon kita?

Kung ro ga-uli nga OFW
Owa’t trabahong siguro,
Hay ano eon kita?

Kung call-center ag turista
Ro ginapabugae nga industriya,
Hay ano eon kita?

Kung ro utang ni lolo
Utang man ku anang apo,
Hay ano eon kita?

Ekonomista ka baea.
Hay ano eon kita?
Abi sabta.

About the Poet:

The poet is from Kalibo, Aklan. He now works in KSA.
Here is what he told me about himself:

"I was an editorial cartoonist in our school newspaper during my university days. I got two degrees. Besides my computer background, I’m also a licensed engineer and a System Analyst on my current job. I love books, I collect them (if my budget allows), mostly pertaining to science, history and economics. But I prefer the writing style of Carl Sagan and our very own Ambet Ocampo. Informative but fun to read. I also blog. A frequent commenter on the site of our local bloggers."