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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Katapusang Pa-Adios ni Jose Rizal in Aklanon

Katapusang Pa-Adios
(Mi Ultimo Adios)
ni Dr. Jose Rizal translated to Aklanon
ni Benigno Macavinta y de Miguel

Editor’s Note: To commemorate the 112th death anniversary of the Philippines National Hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal, Madyaas Pen is publishing his “Mi Ultimo Adios”. This Aklanon version was translated by the late Benigno Macavinta y de Miguel who was better known as “Lolo Bingo”. He was born in Marianos, Numancia, Aklan on February 13, 1881 and died in Albasan, Numancia, Aklan on August 1, 1966. This Aklanon translation is voluntarily furnished The Madyaas Pen by Atty. Emmanuel C. Fernandez, a retired ambassador. According to him, the text came from Ms. Elizabeth Atanacio Macavinta, the grand daughter of the late Lolo Bingo. Elizabeth now lives in Manila.

see this link for the complete translation.