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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Poem by Vellyzarius I. de la Cruz

De la Cruz, Vellyzarius I.


Before God I saw philosophy--on bended knee--

and the pillars of wisdom and knowledge;

and round about the virtuous kow-towing,

round about and low--before the majestic

and glorious throne.

And I saw the lust of the flesh like a

bundled rag--tacked in a corner praising

the Lord' and the eyes

downcast--weeping and blind, praising the Lord;

and the pride of life humbled in

the dust, and praising the Lord;

and all the things in and of the world that

passes away; kow-towing low, and praising

the eternal glory.

And I saw defeat swallowed up in victory

by the Blood of the Lamb; and the

Final things united all in the love of Christ

and his Holy Cross.

(From: his book, Poems in Praise of God. Kalibo: Macar Enterprises, 1997)