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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Poems by Roman A. de la Cruz



(August 9, 1923- September 3, 2007)


Ro mga tudlo ku uean

Nga nagpatik sa sim

Hay redoblante nga nagpukaw

Sa akong hamuok nga katueogan.

Bangon eon sa kahayag nga magaabot

Ag humoeag ka.


Itay, nagburoka si Nanay

Nga hubas eon ro atong taeagbasan.

Ring gin-uli sa pagpamanday

Basi buhinan mo pa para sa simbahan.

Kueang pa katon ro imong kinita.

Nahawag gid ako, Itay, basi hitaman ka.

Kanugon kon owa't kamatuoran

Ro imong ginatuohan.

Pabay-i eang, Toto.

Ro tubi nga nagailig paeawod

Mabalik man gihapon paagi sa uean.

Owa't pagwasi, owa't pag-uyang.

Kon buko't matuod rang ginatuohan,

Ano gid man,

Basta matuman ko ro hutik kang dughan.

Song of Love

Why I should love You Lord,

let me count the ways by saying:

Out of the abyss of nothingness

You formed me to become a living being,

You gave me mind to comprehend

the things too beautiful to be hold.

For all these, I love You, Lord.

I love You, Lord,

for the eyes to see beauty and wonders

of creation.

the limitless expanse of sky,

the wonders of the sun, moon and stars

the greenness of grass, the beauty of the rose,

the wonders of the universe.

I love You, Lord,

for the sense to smell and inebriate my being;

The ear to hear the sound of music--

the meaning of laughter, the language

the expresses of the mind;

the taste of food that I may savor

the delicacies You gave;

The feel of the loved one,

the message of the touch.

I love You when, after creating me,

I disobeyed Your will.

But You sent forth Your Son to redeem me

and pay for my sins by dying in pain like fire,

And welcomed me back as a prodigal son

to regale me the forgiveness

of a loving Sire.

I love You, Lord,

for creating me above all creatures,

That to love You may realize

and be with You in paradise.

Forgive me, Lord, for my having been

engrossed in self and pride

that ever cries with bootless thirst

and mind too blind to see

the love of the perfect God.

For all these, I love You, Lord.